Patient Benefits

Give your patients the best care.

From objective evaluation to the interactive rehabilitation experience. Nothing gives your patients more and elevates their evaluation and rehabilitation outcomes and experience like giving them the benefits of a BTE. Your patients will thank you.

Take your patients to new heights

Engage and motivate your patients with BTE. Our immersive real-time interactive game-like rehabilitation experience means your patients try harder, enjoying and actually look forward to their rehab. And progress reporting showing their improvement from session to session motivates them to keep coming back for repeat visits – to make further gains.

Drive true return to function

You have the power with BTE. Our unique, functional rehabilitation systems allow you to replicate any of your patients’ real life physical tasks – precisely, in your clinic. Why? So you can rehab them to task-specific function – getting them safely back to life, work, or sport more successfully and more comprehensively. All with objective evaluation and progress tracking along the way.

It all starts with the best evaluation

Our finely tuned hardware and software ecosystem gives you truly objective tools for conducting legally compliant evaluations. From isolated joint testing, to functional testing, to full Functional Capacity Evaluation – you have the ability to establish objective baseline strength and range of motion measures, pinpoint deficiencies, identify asymmetries, and more. To truly assess a client’s level, and build their treatment plan accordingly.

bte-rehabilitation-equipment-keeps-your-patients-engaged-coming-back-for-treatmentOptimal dosing and progression = better outcomes

BTE’s paradigm starts with Isometric evaluation. Assessing every patient’s maximum isometric strength provides a baseline – and integrates without research-backed protocol for calculating optimal “dosing” for ensuing treatment. As opposed to guesswork. This precise, client-specific dosing and resistance calculation – recalculated in intervals over your client’s progress over treatment – means you are always rehabbing and training your clients to the optimal resistance level their body needs. Which ensures safety and objectivity – while also guaranteeing more expedited strength and functional gains, due to no lost time

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