Research Services

Collect complete and accurate data for your pharmaceutical clinical trial.
Take out the guesswork.


Simplify Quantitative Muscle Testing with the best tools in the industry

The stakes are high in every clinical trial. We help major pharmaceutical companies integrate and deploy the most accurate, consistent Quantitative Muscle Testing (QMT) available. Saving you time and money, while providing the best tools and the best data for your studies.


Eliminate inconsistency and lost time

Our stringent, ISO-certified quality management system means our solutions deliver consistency in testing and data accuracy from site to site.


True measurement, unrivaled returns

We are THE one-stop, objective Quantitative Muscle Testing provider. BTE has developed and refined the most accurate, reliable QMT solution on the market - to make your life easier.

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TherapySpark Spotlight

BTE Introduces Research Services for Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

Our innovative hardware and software engineered with ISO 9001 and 13845 certified processes is specifically designed to help sponsors ensure industry-leading clinical expertise in Quantitative Muscle Testing.

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Your premier, custom partner for QMT

The Research Services Solution is a robust, customized offering to pharmaceutical and research specialists offering unrivaled Qualitative Muscle Testing. Building on our years of clinical, technological, and evaluative experience.

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Built on Years of Technology

BTE Research Services QMT leverages our unique Evaluator EV2, a seamless hardware and software offering to give you objective measures with meaningful reporting

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