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We are the best-in-class solution for achieving superior evaluation, treatment, and training outcomes. Expand your rehab services and keep your clients motivated with objective, functional treatment plans. Set yourself apart with a fun, interactive experience – helping your clients reach their goals, faster.

Todd Gurley's ACL Recovery with BTE

NFL Rookie of the Year, Todd Gurley & University of Georgia's Director of Sports Medicine, Ron Courson share their experience with Eccentron.

TherapySpark Spotlight

Open vs Closed Kinetic Chain?

Should I be doing open kinetic chain (OKC) or closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercises with this particular patient? Certainly, there are advantages to both and we will briefly discuss those in this blog.

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Staying Connected Through COVID-19

BTE has been with you for 41 years, supporting the global therapy community in our shared mission of creating better clinical outcomes for patients. Over that time we have faced different challenges in the healthcare field together. Today, we recognize the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, both at work and at home.

BTE serves critical support for hospitals, care givers, government agencies (Federal and State), and the US Military. Therefore the State of Marylandas designated BTE an Essential Service in the face of COVID-19. This means that we remain available to serve you, your clinic, and your patients during this challenging time.

In response to COVID-19, we have made all arrangements to continue serving our community while protecting the safety of our employees and customers. Our Customer Support team is ready during our regularly scheduled hours to answer your calls and emails and provide live video training.

Live Video Training - Take Advantage Today!

We strongly encourage all BTE users to take advantage of our live video training one-on-one with our instructors. Schedule a refresher session today so you can bring new treatment methods to your patients when they return. Some of you have already taken advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills or even explore demonstrations on different BTE systems.

As always, please reach out to us if with any questions or requests. For Customer Support, call toll free 800.331.8845 or email service@btetechnologies.com. To schedule a live video or voice session, call 800.331.8845 or email Cheryl Warner at cwarner@btetechnologies.com. We are available Monday-Friday 8:30AM – 7PM EDT.

Meanwhile, stay connected with BTE for ongoing rehab news and resources on social media and with TherapySpark, our blog written for and by rehab professionals like you.

Be well, be safe, and know that we stand with you in this difficult time.

– Your BTE Family