The modern data-driven practice

Today’s clients, referrers, and payers demand transparency. With BTE products, you deliver completely objective evaluations and treatment, backed by indisputable data. Justify treatment and demonstrate the value of your practice with precise and accurate reporting.

Completely objective evaluations and treatment with BTE systems

“I know that this device brings in more business because it is objective, it is very scientific, and it shows a commitment to a greater level of care.” – Dr. Edo Zylstra, Owner of KinetaCare

Gain the competitive edge

Why would clients choose your clinic over another? How can you show the value you offer, that they can’t get from home exercise? Stand out with a high-tech, personalized experience they can’t get anywhere else. With objective reporting to back it up, your practice will offer the best in patient experience and clinical results.

“The objective data clearly shows patient progress and evidence for our recommendations. It’s a terrific marketing tool that helps us get more referrals.” –Rich Douglas, Center Manager of NovaCare Rehabilitation

Rich Douglas BTE Primus Headshot

BTE takes care of your patients and your business

Explore our customers’ success stories in the case studies below. Learn how our unique approach creates better outcomes for patients. See the returns on investment you can make with your BTE.

Drive revenue and reimbursement

BTE products strengthen your business development with engaging treatment and objective reports that clients can’t get anywhere else. You’ll bring in steady streams of revenue with a wider geographic reach, more referrals, greater retention, and higher-billed therapeutic services.

“It differentiates us from the competition, attracts new patients, and keeps them coming back for session after session.” – Scott Romanowski, Director of Rehabilitation at Vereen Rehabilitation Center

Engagement, retention, and revenue

Learn why practice owners and managers love their BTE equipment - from the clinical outcomes to the business advantages.