Give Your Patients the Best With PrimusRS 

PrimusRS is the ultimate system for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training. It embodies BTE’s evidence-based philosophy – rehabilitating patients functionally and objectively. PrimusRS gives you the power of realtime data capture, for better reporting and patient engagement. This comprehensive system guides you from evaluating baseline measurements through your patients’ entire rehabilitation and training program.

Product Features

BTE PrimusRS Ultimate Versatility
BTE PrimusRS Grip Strength
BTE PrimusRS Objective Reports
BTE PrimusRS Geriatric Exercise
BTE PrimusRS Ultimate Versatility
BTE PrimusRS Grip Strength
BTE PrimusRS Objective Reports
BTE PrimusRS Geriatric Exercise

Product Features

  • Ultimate versatility
  • Truly functional rehabilitation
  • Research proven, clinic approved
  • Objective reporting
  • Serve all patient populations

Ultimate versatility

No other system gives you this level of control. Multiple resistance modes: Isotonic, Isometric, Isokinetic, CPM. Harness the power of eccentric resistance in addition to the benefits of smooth, concentric resistance with PrimusRS.

Truly functional rehabilitation

Get your patients back to life, work, and play - stronger and faster. PrimusRS is the premiere choice for multi-joint musculoskeletal, neurological, and upper and lower extremity evaluation and rehabilitation.

Research proven, clinic approved

With thousands of clinical installations worldwide, elite healthcare professionals everywhere trust PrimusRS. Its unique design, coupled with research-backed software and treatment protocols, helps achieve superior clinical outcomes.

Objective reporting

Demonstrate patient progress throughout the course of treatment with objective digital and printed reports. Keep patients motivated and provide documentation detailing treatment outcomes for referrers and insurers.

Serve all patient populations

PrimusRS gives you the ability to precisely evaluate and rehab various patient populations, spanning from general rehab to athletics and to geriatrics.

Product Specifications

Work simulation tools
Sport-specific attachments
Upper and lower extremity
Hand therapy and fine motor
3D / linear motion cable system
Adjustable positioning chair
Quick attachment change
Easy calibration kit
Concentric / eccentric
Concentric / concentric
Concentric / off
Minimum of 3 in-lbs / 0.34 N-m
Exercise / Test Modes
Isotonic – unlimited speed
Passive assist / CPM
Neuromuscular control
Evaluation Protocols Included
Torque vs speed
Maximum dynamic lift
Repetitive lift
Rapid exchange grip
Consistency of effort
Isokinetic ratios
Functional Capacity Evaluation
BTE Primus Software
Easy touchscreen
Realtime feedback
Automatic exercise reports
Automatic evaluation reports
Included templates
Custom templates

System Specifications
Dimensions: 45.5x28x78in (144x71x198cm)
Height adjustable to 86in (218cm)
Weight: 805lb (365kg)
Recommended floorspace: 10x8ft (3x2.4m)
Patient Chair Specifications
Dimensions: 22x59in (56x150cm)
Weight: 160lb (73kg)
Electrical Requirements
Dedicated circuit
US / Canada: 110-125V, 60Hz, 20Amp
Metric: 200-240V, 50Hz, 10Amp
PrimusRS The pinnacle of rehabilitating patients, functionally.

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BTE PrimusRS Client and Business Benefits

PrimusRS benefits your clients and your business

We are committed to facilitating higher quality of care for the best patient experience. Learn how BTE elevates your standard of care with an evidence-based approach and why provide the best outcomes for patients and clinics.

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