Gain the Eccentric Resistance Advantage for Better Outcomes. 

Built on years of research & development, Eccentron is the groundbreaking eccentric resistance strength trainer with objective measures and results tracking. Eccentron helps you deliver better outcomes, faster.  Eccentric exercise – muscles lengthening under force – has long been recognized as highly effective by Orthopedic and Physical Therapy thought leaders. But until now, there wasn’t a proven device to deliver the benefits of eccentric resistance in a safe, closed chain manner. 

Product Features

BTE Eccentron Post Op
BTE Eccentron Geriatrics Closer
BTE Eccentron Chris B
BTE Eccentron Reports
BTE Eccentron Screen Detail
BTE Eccentron Post Op
BTE Eccentron Geriatrics Closer
BTE Eccentron Chris B
BTE Eccentron Reports
BTE Eccentron Screen Detail

Product Features

  • Start post-op sooner
  • The power of eccentrics for your whole practice
  • Higher resistance capacity. Lower oxygen requirement
  • Engage and motivate
  • Keep referrers happy

Start post-op sooner

Get your patients moving early, post-injury or post-surgery. Personalized dosing allows you to dial in safe, low resistance to start rehab very early. Early intervention prevents atrophy and makes for significant progress without intense aerobic activity or high impact exercise.

The power of eccentrics for your whole practice

Eccentron’s resistance range can cover all your clients’ needs, from geriatric to athletic. Gradually improve strength, stability and balance, for fall prevention in older clients with minimal cardiopulmonary output. General rehab clients benefit from the controlled dosing, single leg tracking, and the safety of a closed-chain exercise. For your athletes, increase power and motor control for better performance and injury prevention.

Higher resistance capacity. Lower oxygen requirement

Eccentric training has significant clinical advantages: higher loading capacity, lower cardiopulmonary requirements, and lower perceived exertion. The body can resist 30-40% more weight eccentrically than it can push. Further, the body needs 80% less oxygen, compared to concentric exercise. Finally, it delivers all these benefits while the client experiences minimal exertion and fatigue.

Engage and motivate

Drive patient retention with a gamified experience and objective reports. During treatment, patients enjoy watching their realtime output on the game screen. After each session, progress reports make it easy to understand their results, recorded for each leg individually. Patients love using Eccentron and complete the full course of prescribed treatment, motivated by the fun exercise and real progress graphs.

Keep referrers happy

It’s not just the patients who love Eccentron’s easy-to-read progress reports. Doctors and referrers value the objective graphs and data. Automatically generated, these progress reports clearly demonstrate the value of your treatment and justify continued care.

Product Specifications

Exercise Capabilities
Resistance: 750lb / leg (3300N)
Speed: 12-48 reps / minute

Gamified Software
Easy touchscreen
Realtime display for instant feedback
Game feedback trains motor control
Automatic session reports
Detailed progress reports

System Specifications
Dimensions: 98x28x59in (249x71x150cm)
Weight: 900lb (408kg)

Patient Capacity
Patient height: 4ft-8in (143cm) to 6ft-8in (203cm)
Patient weight: up to 400lb (182kg)
Electrical Requirements
Dedicated circuit
US / Canada: 110-120V, 50-60Hz, 16Amp
Metric: 220-250V, 50-60Hz, 8Amp

BTE Eccentron
Eccentron Build strength and neuromotor control from early rehab to high-power training

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