Help Your Patients Gain The Upper Hand With Simulator II

Simulator II gives you the flexibility to replicate hundreds of real-world jobs and daily living functions.

  • Comprehensive Attachments for diverse therapy needs
  • Objective documentation for precise tracking and assessment
  • Designed for occupational therapy, hand therapy, and industrial work hardening

Product Features

BTE Simulator II Turn a Valve
BTE Simulator II Key Turn
BTE Simulator II Wheelchair
BTE Simulator II Printed Reports
BTE Simulator II Turn a Valve
BTE Simulator II Key Turn
BTE Simulator II Wheelchair
BTE Simulator II Printed Reports

Product Features

  • Flexible applications
  • Simplicity and function
  • Replicate real world tasks
  • Keep clients motivated

Flexible applications

Meet a variety of patient needs - from upper extremity rehab and hand therapy, to work and task simulation, industrial rehabilitation, and work hardening and work conditioning.

Simplicity and function

Simulator II is the most accessible BTE dynamometer system. Perfect for functional rehabilitation of workers comp injuries and helping occupational therapy patients get back to activities of daily living.

Replicate real world tasks

Simulator II offers extensive options to mimic a wide range of upper extremity activities, including lifting. It features both Isometric and Isotonic concentric resistance modes for versatile functionality.

Keep clients motivated

Personalized exercises keep clients engaged and motivated. It's a rehab experience they'll look forward to every time.

Product Specifications

Work simulation
Upper extremity
Hand therapy and fine motor
3D / linear motion cable
Easy calibration kit
Concentric / concentric
Concentric / off
Minimum of 1in / lb
Exercise / Test Modes
Isotonic – unlimited speed
Included Evaluation Protocols
Consistency of effort testing
Maximum and repetitive lift
Software Capabilities
Easy touchscreen
Realtime feedback
Automatic evaluation reports
Automatic exercise reports
Included templates
Custom templates

System specifications
Dimensions: 42x36x83in (107x91x211cm)
Recommended floorspace: 6x6ft (1.8x1.8m)
Electrical Requirements
Dedicated circuit
US / Canada: 110-125V, 60Hz, 15Amp
Metric: 220-240V, 50Hz, 7.5Amp
BTE Simulator II
Simulator II Superior occupational therapy system for functional upper extremity rehabilitation

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