High-Precision Functional Testing Made Easy 

Prism is the advanced, lightweight system designed for all your testing needs. Fully functional and FCE-ready with minimal space requirements, Prism is easy to set up and use in the clinic or at the jobsite. Produce superior graphical and narrative reports with everything that referrals and payers need.

Product Features

BTE Prism Overhead Pull Down
BTE Prism Printed Reports
BTE Prism Wrist ROM
BTE Prism Repeatable Testing
BTE Prism Grip Strength
BTE Prism Overhead Pull Down
BTE Prism Printed Reports
BTE Prism Wrist ROM
BTE Prism Repeatable Testing
BTE Prism Grip Strength

Product Features

  • Comprehensive FCE
  • Quick reports
  • Efficient workflows
  • Repeatable testing from site to site
  • Integrated heart rate monitoring

Comprehensive FCE

Perform comprehensive, fully customizable Functional Capacity Evaluations. Provide objective documentation and indisputable data to support clinical decisions.

Quick reports

Choose from pre-built templates or customize your own report. Demonstrate physical capabilities with easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables.

Efficient workflows

Quickly change set-ups under five minutes without tools. The system automatically records data every tenth of a second for pinch, grip, push, and pull forces. Quickly export flexible data files for deeper analysis.

Repeatable testing from site to site

Perform uniformly calibrated tests across multiple locations. With this high degree of repeatability between locations, your reports are stronger, more reliable, and legally defensible.

Integrated heart rate monitoring

Record heart rate wirelessly during any test for realtime indication of stress, pain, and exertion.

Product Specifications

Lift Test
Quantity of lifts
Time between lifts
Time to complete set
Push and Pull Test
Up to 250lb
Height between 24-84in
Functional Range of Motion
Pick and place
Manual dexterity
Mental agility
ROM in various positions
Time to complete tasks
Pinch and Grip
Grip strength 1-250lbs
Pinch strength 1-45lbs
BTE Lumen Software
Easy touchscreen
Step-by-step guided tests
Realtime results display
Realtime heart rate
Progress graphs
Create custom templates
Job demand comparisons
Demonstrated Physical Abilities

System Specifications
Dimensions: 62x39x96in (158x100x244cm)
Weight: 125lbs (57kg)
Electrical Requirements
Dedicated circuit
110-120V, 50-60Hz, 2Amp
System Availability
Prism is available in the United States Market only
BTE Prism
Prism Precise worker testing in the clinic or on the jobsite

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Prism benefits your clients and your business

We are committed to providing clinically superior evaluation solutions. Learn how BTE raises the bar with precise measurement, data-driven reporting, and the highest degree of repeatability.

Prism resources

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