Data doesn’t lie

If you need objective proof of progress, you need BTE’s data-driven documentation. Our products help show the value of treatment and justify recertification. Our graphs and data provide all the documentation you need to support the plan of care. With this level of precision and accuracy in measurement, the clinical results are indisputable.

“The objective data clearly shows patient progress and evidence for our recommendations.” – Rich Douglas, Center Manager of NovaCare Rehabilitation

Eccentron data report

Zero guesswork

Our data-driven approach means measuring and reporting with real numbers and zero guesswork. With our automated progress reports, every clinical decision is demonstrated with objective data, not someone’s opinion.

“We get calls from doctors and case workers to find out if their patients are giving consistent effort in therapy. Since the referral sources see how these tests can help them, they request them from us” – Rich Douglas, Center Manager of NovaCare Rehabilitation