Unlock the Power of Quantitative Muscle and Strength Testing 

The Evaluator is the most comprehensive portable solution to help you get started in objective strength testing. This integrated hardware and software solution travels easily in a mobile carrying case so you can perform on-site functional testing. 

Product Features

BTE Evaluator Finger ROM
BTE Evaluator Case
BTE ROM Shoulder
BTE Evaluator Leg ROM
BTE Evaluator Finger ROM
BTE Evaluator Case
BTE ROM Shoulder
BTE Evaluator Leg ROM

Product Features

  • Endless applications
  • Ultimate portability
  • Automated data collection and reporting
  • Multiple testing capabilities

Endless applications

The Evaluator gives you the tools to perform baseline strength measurements, functional progress analysis, isolated joint testing, musculoskeletal assessments and sports medicine evaluations.

Ultimate portability

Easily transport between multiple clinics, employers’ jobsites, or doctors’ offices. Compact carrying cases make it easy to get comparable results from multiple locations.

Automated data collection and reporting

Collect strength measurement data easily and efficiently, with full integration of manual tools. The integrated software provides graph reports, objectively demonstrating your clients’ physical capabilities

Multiple testing capabilities

Industry standard pre-programmed protocols include hand grip, pinch grip, digital range of motion measurement, algometer for superficial tenderness, and manual muscle testing and force measurement. All with integrated heart rate monitoring.

Product Specifications

Grip and pinch
Portable load cell
Dual inclinometer
Realtime heart rate monitor
Strength of all joints
ROM for all joints and spine
Manual Muscle Testing (MMT)
Superficial tenderness
Custom tests
BTE Lumen Software
Easy touchscreen
Realtime results display
Realtime heart rate
Automatic progress graphs
Custom tests
Custom reports

System Specifications
Dimensions: 32x21x16in (80x53x41cm)
Weight: 81lbs
Evaluator Unlock the power of quantitative muscle and strength testing

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We are committed to providing clinically superior evaluation solutions. Learn how BTE raises the bar with precise measurement, data-driven reporting, and the highest degree of repeatability.

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