Retention, referrals, and reimbursement

Patients love using BTE equipment. Baseline evaluations measure the starting point of their condition. Each session-by-session progress report shows their improvement in real numbers they can understand. Personalized, dynamic exercises make each session a fun, engaging experience they can’t get anywhere else.

With clinical results like these, referrers will notice. Each progress report shows changes over time with easy-to-read graphs. And it’s not just referrers that value objective reporting – payers rely on it.

Insurance payers and case managers increasingly demand data-driven documentation. With BTE’s objective reporting, there is no guesswork. Demonstrate the value of your services, justify the plan of care, and support your decisions with clear, indisputable data – not someone’s opinion.

Four Significant Business and Clinical Outcomes in One

See how NovaCare keeps clients engaged, precisely simulates job tasks for industrial rehab, and shows real proof of progress with objective reporting. “I believe patients are coming back to the center more often when they work with Primus,” Rich states.

Elevate your clinic with a data-driven approach

Data-driven practices are better for everyone – clients, providers, referrers, and insurers. Whether you work with traditional outpatient rehab or specialized industrial services, the power of data will drive your clinic forward.