The Most Comprehensive Functional Testing Solution for Your Clinic 

Establish your practice as an industrial evaluation center of excellence, guiding employers and insurers to better hiring and return-to-work decisions. Expand your clinical offerings with comprehensive objective functional testing like you’ve never seen before. Provide the most peer-reviewed and legally defensible evaluations with automated reports – untouched by manual data entry. 

Product Features

BTE EvalTech FCE
BTE EvalTech Dual Inclinometers
BTE EvalTech Positional Tolerance
BTE EvalTech Full System Capabilities
BTE EvalTech FCE
BTE EvalTech Dual Inclinometers
BTE EvalTech Positional Tolerance
BTE EvalTech Full System Capabilities

Product Features

  • Better FCEs
  • Versatile testing options
  • Assess positional tolerance
  • Replicate virtually any job

Better FCEs

Perform more efficient, complete Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE, FCA, PCE, or WCE) with automated reports. Separate yourself from the competition with superior reporting for key hiring and return to work decisions.

Versatile testing options

Offer Post Offer Employment Testing, disability and impairment determination, vocational suitability, and return-to-work assessments. Easily perform peer-reviewed, standardized testing protocols, or design your own custom tests.

Assess positional tolerance

Gain the ability to perform positional tolerance and time-motion testing. EvalTech’s Functional Range of Motion (FROM) technology lets you accurately match the requirements of a worker’s production environment.

Replicate virtually any job

EvalTech gives you an unparalleled ability to simulate thousands of work and life functions. This allows you to offer broad physical evaluation services to employers – with both standard and customizable tests.

Product Specifications

Grip and pinch
Height adjustable column
Bilateral push / pull
Varied push / pull handles
Portable load cell
Fixed load cell
Dual Inclinometers
Box with weights for lift / cary
Realtime heart rate monitor
Up to 500lb push/pull force (225kg / 4900N)
Dynamic lift / carry up to 130lb (60kg)
ROM for all joints and spine
MTM score
Timed tests
Positional tolerance
Custom tests
BTE Lumen Software
Easy touchscreen
Step-by-step guided tests
Realtime results display
Realtime heart rate
Full FCE reports
Progress graphs
Create custom templates
Job demand comparisons
Demonstrated Physical Abilities

System Specifications
Dimensions: 82x47x84in (208x119x213cm)
Recommended floorspace: 10x12ft (3x3.6m)
Functional ROM Frame Specifications
Dimensions: 33x52x90in (84x132x229cm)
Recommended floorspace: 3x5ft (0.9x1.5m)
Electrical Requirements
Dedicated circuit
US / Canada: 110-125V, 60Hz, 15Amp
Metric: 200-240V, 50Hz, 7Amp
EvalTech Full-suite objective evaluation and testing system

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