With BTE, clinics and patients achieve better outcomes.

Truly functional rehabilitation

We believe there’s no better way to train and test the body than with real-life movements. Our products help you replicate virtually any functional task in a way that’s objective, repeatable, and customized for each person’s needs.

The power of objective clinical data

No more guesswork. Base your clinical decisions on precise and accurate measurements. Objective data means better safety, indisputable proof of progress, higher engagement, and better outcomes for all.

Our History

Historic Photo - First Primus Model - 1990s
BTE Group Photo - 40th Birthday
Historic Photo - First Primus Model - 1990s
BTE Group Photo - 40th Birthday

Our History

  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • 1990s
  • 2000s
  • 2010s
  • Today


In 1979, a world-famous orthopedic surgeon, a tech-savvy entrepreneur, and a prolific engineer / inventor with over 25 patents formed a business together. We started out as Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment, and grew to become the world's leading name in therapeutic technology.


Our first product hits the market: the Work Simulator. We splashed into the world of rehabilitation technology with the most functional, dynamic evaluation system. Originally designed for Occupational Therapy, this system revolutionized clinical evaluations with a fully objective and functional approach.


With the runaway success of the Work Simulator, we continued to innovate. With the increasing demand for advanced rehab technology, we debuted the first iteration of our flagship product, the Primus – a more robust, engaging, and versatile system, now equipped for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and more.


In 2004, Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment merged with Hanoun Medical, a top product creator in industrial rehab and job demand testing. Together, we became BTE Technologies. Our combined clinical expertise and technological innovation paved the way for a new leader in evaluation and rehabilitation.


We continued innovating clinical technologies and advancing the field in treatment, evaluation, and research. As part of our commitment to the clinical community, we launched a new platform for connection and communication – TherapySpark. Explore articles, video, e-books, and more, by clinical professionals like you.


Today, BTE produces a full line of offerings, addressing different therapeutic and evaluation needs. Our equipment provides clinics worldwide with the most functional and objective systems. Our interactive software engages patients and provides actionable data for clinical decision-making. We are your partner for patient care and clinic success.