It’s the most important reason why patients get better for the long term versus just managing symptoms.” – Dr. Edo Zylstra, Owner of KinetaCare

BTE systems increase patient engagement with fun, personalized exercise

Practice how you perform

We believe the best way to train the body is with real-life (or, functional) movements. With BTE equipment, you practice the exact movements in the clinic that you do in real life. Train your body by simulating the same activities, and you’ll regain function while preventing reinjury. 

The BTE difference

Start with detailed baseline measurements of your condition. Go from gentle movements to progressive exercises at your own pace. Our advanced simulations match your real-life movements for optimized training. Weekly reports show your progress in real numbers that you can understand. Finally, a better way to do therapy. 

Find a BTE system near you

Ready for a better solution for your pain, injury or chronic condition? Find a clinic near you that provides the best patient care and research-backed treatment with BTE systems.
PrimusRS helps COVID-19 patient recover strength and function to return to work (RTW case study)

Case Study: RTW for COVID-19 Patient Using PrimusRS

The rehab team at London Road Community Hospital are successfully restoring one patient’s strength and function for Return to Work after COVID-19. PrimusRS plays an important role in dosing the correct resistance and providing critical data for patient progress.

Engineered for you

Step into the future of healthcare. With personalized exercises, research-backed treatment plans, and detailed progress reports, each session is tailored just for you. Your progress isn’t just someone’s opinion – it’s measured and graphed so you can see your improvement with every session.

“Patients love the interactive game experience, and are motivated by their visible progress to keep coming back for more sessions, getting stronger and returning to function.” – Scott Romanowski, Director of Rehabilitation at Vereen Rehabilitation Center

Trust the experts’ choice

Medical professionals worldwide have used our equipment for over 40 years. Trust your care to the therapeutic equipment backed by decades of research and development. BTE is the premiere choice of leading orthopedic researchers, doctors, and rehabilitation providers. Explore the library of published research supporting our equipment