The ROI of your BTE

When you bring in a new BTE system, patients and referrers will want it. Our systems have paid for themselves in as little as four months with new streams of revenue. From there, the sky is the limit for your growth.

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“I know that this device brings in more business because it is objective, it is very scientific, and it shows a commitment to a greater level of care.” – Dr. Edo Zylstra, Owner of Kinetacare

Clients have choices – make your practice stand out

Why would a client choose your clinic over another? What value do you offer that they can’t get with home exercise? With BTE, you’ll provide a rehabilitation experience like no other that gives your clinic the competitive advantage. Our customers have grown their business like never before – adding new services, reaching broader populations, and offering specialized programs, all thanks to their BTE system.

“It differentiates us from the competition, attracts new patients, and keeps them coming back for session after session.” – Scott Romanowski, Director of Rehabilitation at Vereen Rehabilitation Center

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Business Success with BTE

BTE takes care of your patients and your business. Read these customer stories about increasing revenue, attracting new clients and referrers, and growing their business with BTE

Grow your practice with engaging, evidence-based treatment

Our systems go beyond the financial returns on investment. Patients, clinicians, referrers, and insurance managers all have a better experience with BTE. It all starts with a high-value, personalized treatment and objective reporting.

“The objective data clearly shows patient progress and evidence for our recommendations. It’s a terrific marketing tool that helps us get more referrals.” –Rich Douglas, Center Manager of NovaCare Rehabilitation

Patients love using BTE equipment. Our customers report lower attrition and higher satisfaction – as much as an 89% compliance rate with an exclusive BTE treatment plan. This experience is the reason patients will come back to your clinic and tell others about it.