Pinpoint Weakness and Asymmetry. Abolish Neck Pain for Good. 

The most effective, complete system for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from neck pain, whiplash-associated disorders (WAD), and general cervical spine disorders.

  • The only research-backed rehabilitation device of its kind
  • Empowers physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers to objectively evaluate, strengthen, and restore the ailing neck and cervical spine

Product Features

Rehabilitation is fun and engaging with BTE systems
BTE MCU Diagnose Neck Issues
BTE MCU ROM Progress
BTE MCU Printed Reports
BTE systems are quick and easy to use with guided protocols
Rehabilitation is fun and engaging with BTE systems
BTE MCU Diagnose Neck Issues
BTE MCU ROM Progress
BTE MCU Printed Reports
BTE systems are quick and easy to use with guided protocols

Product Features

  • Unlock the key to chronic neck pain relief
  • Diagnose and rebuild the neck
  • Visual progress tracking
  • Demonstrate the value of treatment
  • Scale your practice

Unlock the key to chronic neck pain relief

MCU guides you through evidence-based evaluation and treatment with a validated protocol. No more guesswork of traditional testing – with MCU, you can objectively measure and report detailed clinical data. This research-backed PT equipment gives you the power to relieve chronic neck conditions for good.

Diagnose and rebuild the neck

Restore the musculature of the neck and reduce neck pain with the MCU dynamic strengthening protocol. Complement your manual therapy with objective exercise to drive the progression of cervical spine rehab.

Visual progress tracking

Show patient progress with live feedback during treatment and objective reports created after each session. During treatment, get a realtime view of cervical spine movement and isometric strength in all planes of motion. After each session, the graphic and narrative reports show improvements in range of motion and strength over time.

Demonstrate the value of treatment

With objective data and an evidence-based protocol, MCU reports satisfy patients, insurers, and referrers. Patients love seeing their evaluation results and progress reports in numbers they can understand. These displays give the motivation and confidence patients need to complete treatment. Insurers and referrers appreciate the transparency of a data-driven practice.

Scale your practice

Change the game for patients, clinicians, and insurers. MCU keeps clients engaged through their entire treatment plan and gives lasting results they will rave about. The guided software makes it easy to administer treatment and generate custom reports. Objective documentation means your clinical decisions are fully supported with indisputable data.

Product Specifications

Exercise / Test Modes
Range of Motion Tests
Lateral Flexion
Strength Tests
Dozens of planes of motion
Adjustable angles
Software Capabilities
Easy touchscreen
Realtime feedback
Automatic evaluation reports
Automatic exercise reports
Included templates
Custom templates
Data export
Comparative data sets

System Specifications
Dimensions: 31x47x77in (79x119x196cm)
Electrical Requirements
Dedicated circuit
US / Canada: 110-120V, 50-60Hz, 14Amp
Metric: 220-240V, 50-60Hz, 7Amp
Multi-Cervical Unit An innovative physical therapy and chiropractic system that evaluates and treats the cervical spine for lasting neck pain relief

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