BTE Eccentron Delivers Increased Revenue to Vereen Rehabilitation Center

Helping Patients Get Better, Faster

At Vereen Rehabilitation Center in Moultrie, Georgia, their philosophy is simple. To provide the gold standard of care. So Scott Romanowski, Director of Rehabilitation, contacted BTE to learn more about Eccentron – the sophisticated, pure eccentric resistance strength trainer with objective measures and results tracking. A unique product, it is the only machine that delivers negative resistance training in a safe, repeatable environment for all patients and athletes, helping them get better, faster.

A year and a half after introducing Eccentron in his clinic, the Vereen Rehabilitation Center has over 175 Eccentron users ranging in age from high school students to 86 year old retirees. This broad population includes patients with orthopedic conditions of the ankle, knee, hip, and spine, as well as peripheral neuropathies, CVAs, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries.

Eccentron is helping drive Vereen Rehabilitation Center’s growth – with staff up from 18 to 37 full time employees. All of Scott’s Eccentron patients are experiencing the benefits of negative resistance strength training for their lower extremity rehab. And this drives referrals. “Physicians like it. Physicians get happy patients with Eccentron, and so do we.”

“Patients love the interactive game experience, and are motivated by their visible progress to keep coming back for more sessions, getting stronger and returning to function.” – Scott Romanowski, Director of Rehabilitation, Vereen Rehabilitation Center

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