Gain the Eccentric Resistance Advantage with Eccentron. Negative Resistance for Better Outcomes.

Built on years of Research & Development in the growing field of eccentric resistance training, BTE Eccentron is THE eccentric resistance strength trainer with objective measures and results tracking. Helping clinicians deliver better outcomes, faster.

Eccentric exercise – muscles lengthening under force – has long been recognized as highly effective by Orthopedic and Physical Therapy thought leaders. But until now, there wasn't a proven device to deliver the benefits of eccentric resistance in a safe, closed chain manner.

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  • Get the power of Eccentrics. For your whole practice.

    Controlled dosing and single leg tracking allow for optimal closed-chain treatment for General Rehab. Safely increase strength and stability for improved balance, mobility, and decreased fall risk for Geriatrics. Enhance power and performance. And provide effective strengthening for Cardiopulmonary patients with low cardiac output.

  • Higher Resistance Capacity. Low Oxygen Requirement.

    Eccentric training offers several distinct clinical advantages. Like Higher Resistance Capacity. The body can resist 30-40% more weight eccentrically than it can push, concentrically. And Low Oxygen Requirement. 80% less O2 is needed, due to muscles resisting rather than doing concentric work. Eccentric training delivers all of these benefits, with the added benefit of lower perceived exertion.

  • Engage and Motivate Your Patients. And Keep Referrers Happy.

    Eccentron drives patient retention with its interactive game-like experience. Patients love it and complete the full course of prescribed treatment to see their realtime progress - recorded and tracked for each leg individually, for accurate dosing and treatment. Doctors and Referrers love Eccentron objective reports documenting progress

  • Start Post-Op Rehab Sooner. For Better Results.

    Eccentron gives you the ability to get your patients moving sooner – post injury and post surgery. Unique, controlled dosing features give you the power to dial in safe, low resistance targets – to start rehab very early. Preventing atrophy, and making significant gains without intense aerobic activity or high impact exercise.

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