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Treatment Trends

Rotator Cuff Evaluation: Standardized Tests, Strength, ROM, and Questionnaires

An effective rotator cuff evaluation incorporates subjective patient observations and documents objective, measurable data. Shoulder pain is one of the […]

Treatment Trends

Should Diabetics Avoid High-intensity Exercise?

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent metabolic conditions facing Americans, as well as millions of others worldwide. Learning to […]

Treatment Trends

Is the RICE Method Actually Helpful for Acute Injuries?

The RICE method has been the go-to for many patients and clinicians since the ’70s. When a friend rolls their […]

Patient Engagement

Pain Science: A Multidimensional Approach to Pain

Pain is at the root of many therapy sessions, whether you’re trying to relieve pain or educate patients to avoid […]

Treatment Trends

How Eccentrics Train Neural Pathways to Prevent Pain, Reinjury

New research by Lepley et al proposes a paradigm shift in our view of eccentric exercises. Essentially, the study shows […]

Treatment Trends

Strength Testing: Manual Muscle Testing and Dynamometry

Let’s talk about strength testing! Measuring isometric strength is one of the first assessments we perform on a patient or […]