• Contrary to popular belief, TMJ is not technically a diagnosis. TMJ stands for the Temporomandibular Joint itself. Conditions of this joint can cause pain and clicking in the jaw.

  • LSVT treatment for Parkinson's Disease

    The Lee Silverman Voice Technique focuses on big amplitude of movement to compensate for the hypokinesia associated with PD. All exercises are performed with the largest possible motion. This high-intensity exercise helps improve neuroplasticity of movement.

  • While PFPS can be debilitating, treatment usually focuses on optimizing strength and function. One of the most effective known treatments for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is guided exercises to increase knee and hip strength.

  • How to treat severe neck pain in outpatient rehabilitation with evidence-based approach

    You don't have to be a spine specialist to safely and effectively treat sever neck pain. This evidence-based approach applies many of the same principles you use for other conditions. As always, start with evaluation. Consider the client’s ADLs, job tasks, degenerative changes within the spine, disease, and muscle imbalances.

  • Even on your busiest day, you can squeeze one of these activities into your schedule. Check out this list of ways you can sneak in some activity throughout your busy day:

  • Lateral epicondylitis treatment

    Exercise and stretching improve mobility and flexibility – not only of the ECRB itself, but of the surrounding areas as well. Therapists should assess the extensor carpi radialis longus, supinator, digital extensors, and other muscles for strengthening and stretching.

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  • Bursitis treatment in the clinic

    Throughout the body, there are approximately 160 small fluid filled sacs, called bursae. These small, fluid filled sacs provide cushion between joints and reduce friction. Overuse, poor mechanics, pressure, or other underlying conditions can inflame this area.