Increase Referrals and Revenue with Advanced Worker Rehab

We’re launching a new solution! Advanced Worker Rehab integrates our latest rehab technology and clinical marketing into one comprehensive solution. With this new service, rehabilitation clinics can meet the prevention, recovery, and return to work needs of local employers.

Clinics Asked, we Listened

At BTE, we work closely with clinics and employers. Lately, we’ve heard similar feedback from multiple clinics: they want to get the most out of their BTE equipment, and boost their ROI.

Additionally, employers want to prevent injuries and rehabilitate their employees quickly and effectively.

With this feedback, we developed a solution to connect clinics with local employers for a steady stream of referrals and healthy workers. Advanced Worker Rehab provides the technology and training for job-specific rehabilitation services. It also provides custom marketing materials so clinics can build lasting relationships with local employers.

Local Employers Need Advanced Worker Rehab

With low unemployment and high labor force participation rates, employers increasingly value employee retention and wellness. Advanced Worker Rehab supports workplace wellness with its unique focus on task analysis, task simulation, and ergonomic training. Completing this program, employees can safely and effectively perform their job tasks.

Ergonomic training and job coaching reduces the risk of work related injuries. But if injury does occur – Advanced Worker Rehab enables effective and engaging treatment of Worker’s Comp patients.

Designed for the PrimusRS, Advanced Worker Rehab applies BTE’s “isolated to integrated” approach to functional rehabilitation.  First, controlled, isolated exercises help build strength. Then, the exercises integrate specific tasks from their actual jobs for full recovery.

We know people perform best the way they train. The same goes for injured workers. Advanced Worker Rehab realistically simulates tasks for an effective recovery. Its replication of job-specific tasks trains employees for the tasks they perform on the job.

Make the Connection with Marketing

Advanced Worker Rehab’s prevention, recovery and return to work program is a powerful differentiator for clinics on its own. But with its customized marketing materials, clinics can become the go-to treatment center for local employers.

We’ve found that many clinic managers value clinic marketing, but may lack the know-how. That’s where we come in. Our marketing team will provide custom marketing materials for clinics that want to get the most out of Advanced Worker Rehab.

Why Focus on the Workplace?

The answer is simple. Workplace wellness is rooted in our history and values.  BTE was founded to create rehabilitation equipment for injured workers. Our design and development prioritize versatility, functionality, and ease of use.

Since our beginning, we’ve specialized in creating rehabilitation equipment that measures patient performance, and enables functional treatment with realistic task simulation. The PrimusRS is our most powerful and adaptable tool for clinics to date.

Integrating the PrimusRS’ technology with job-specific programs and custom clinical marketing, Advanced Worker Rehab connects clinics to local employers. With this new service, clinics help companies protect their people.

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Dave Briggs
Vice President of Domestic Sales