BTE’s New Representation Agreement with DIH China

New Partnership
BTE is proud to announce a new representation agreement with DIH Technology China, Co. LTD.  (Beijing, China). China’s healthcare economy segment for medical devices is currently estimated at just over $60 billion (USD) of which the need for imported products and services is estimated at $22 billion (USD).

BTE has pioneered the development of technology and procedures in support of the rehabilitation and physical medicine needs of millions of patients around the world for over 39 years.  BTE’s first experience in China supported the Beijing Sports Institute, as the country was preparing for the 2008 Summer Olympics Games. During the 2006 Congress of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) rehabilitation experts from China and BTE developed rehabilitation programs to simulate the sports movements of China’s top athletes.

This joint effort created the structure to expand the experience and technology to the broader population in need of world-class physical and rehabilitation services.  Since 2006, BTE staff and Chinese medical experts have joined forces in developing and implementing the latest rehabilitation initiatives with the Chinese lifestyle in mind.

Today, the new representation with DIH provides an opportunity to support China’s Central Government’s goal to bring access to basic healthcare services to 100% of its population. BTE and DIH believe their combined forces provide the most effective delivery of evidence-based practice to millions of Chinese citizens in need of physical rehabilitation technology.  Together with world-class healthcare professionals in China, BTE and DIH will continue to improve the rehabilitation and recovery experiences of China’s citizens.

Waldo Vazquez, Vice President of Products Group for BTE, remembers the very first steps taken in 2006, the cooperation agreements established with Chinese institutions, and the many kilometers traveled in China during the last 12 years.  Vazquez sees a great future in the development of new cooperation agreements, positive patient outcomes, and the continued development of rehabilitation expertise in China. In his statement during the announcement of the new agreement with DIH, Vazquez stated, “Chinese rehabilitation practices are playing a major role on the world stage today.” Click below for BTE’s official press release.