Sanitization Guidelines for your BTE System


It’s no question that COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Especially in the healthcare industry, we’re facing unprecedented challenges every day. At BTE, the health and safety of our community of rehab providers, as well as their patients and families, is extremely important to us.

As businesses reopen and patients resume in-clinic appointments, it is imperative to maintain high standards of hygiene for the safety of your employees, patients and visitors. Not just hand washing, but ensuring that all surfaces are sanitized on a regular basis.

To facilitate the safe operation of BTE systems, we recommend the following sanitization guidelines to all prodivers and managers. These guidelines apply to ALL BTE systems, including the PrimusRS, Simulator II, Eccentron, EvalTech, Evaluator, Multi-Cervical Unit, EVJ, and all earlier models.

Sanitizing the control module: mouse, keyboard, monitor

Before cleaning, it is best to power down the system. Control module components, such as keyboards, mouse, and non-touchscreen monitor can be wiped with alcohol wipes or disinfectants sprayed on to a cloth. Do NOT spray anything directly onto control module components. If a cloth is dipped into a bucket of disinfectant solution, all excess liquid must be wrung out thoroughly so that cloth is only damp before wiping any computer components.

Sanitizing the touchscreen monitor

Any touch-screen monitor must be cleaned with great care. The screen is not tolerant of harsh solutions or abrasive cloths. Avoid cleaning the screen with any bleach, vinegar, peroxide, or ammonia solutions such as Windex. You may dampen a soft cloth with a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, and gently wipe the screen. Do NOT use alcohol wipes, as the concentration of alcohol will exceed the 50/50 recommendation.

Sanitizing patient contact surfaces

Aside from the control module, all patient contact surfaces, including all metal parts, foam handles, seat coverings, and attachments can be cleaned with standard alcohol or bleach-based wipes or sprays.

For a PrimusRS, Simulator II or earlier model, do not spray directly onto the face of the work head. It has ventilation holes that lead to internal electronics.

Allow components to fully dry before turning on again.

Online training and support from BTE

As always, we want you to get the most out of your system. We will continue providing online training for all of our customers. If reduced patient schedules are creating open time for your staff, we’d be happy to teach you new uses for your system or answer any questions you may have. Contact us to schedule a refresher session so you can bring new treatment methods to your patients when they return.


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