Achieving 89% Compliance, New Business Growth, and Long-term Neck Relief With MCU

When patients look at their objective progress reports, they know they’re getting better. There’s no guessing whether patients are progressing and no question about what’s making the difference. The strongest driver of his incredible compliance rate is the MCU’s evidence-based, objective measurement.

“The MCU is a game changer for you, your clients, and your practice.” – Dr. Marc Weinberg, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Weinberg is a veteran Chiropractor and the Executive Director and owner of Active Health in North Palm Beach, Florida. Today, he helps countless patients overcome chronic neck conditions and achieves unheard-of retention / compliance rates with his neck treatment program.

Learn how Dr. Weinberg maintains steady client flow, provides evidence-based relief for neck pain, and shattered the mold of chiropractic care with the Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU).

Achieving 89% Compliance

Dr. Weinberg’s neck rehab program follows a 31-session plan on the MCU. Getting patients to complete 31 sessions may sound like a pipe dream to many rehab practitioners. Chiropractors everywhere struggle with compliance and retention. But with the MCU, Dr. Weinberg sustains an extraordinary 89% compliance rate.

Client Retention and Engagement

“Patients do not miss their MCU sessions,” says Dr. Weinberg. The strongest driver of his incredible compliance rate is the MCU’s evidence-based, objective measurement.

When patients look at their objective, data-backed progress reports, they know they’re getting better. There’s no guessing whether patients are progressing and no question about what’s making the difference.

Another way Dr. Weinberg keeps clients engaged is by managing their expectations. In any type of rehab, clients can get discouraged if they don’t get immediate results. Too often, clients quit treatment early and don’t get the help they need.

Dr. Weinberg prevents early dropout by educating clients on the MCU program, helping set personal goals, and instilling confidence. Before the first treatment, he explains the importance of strength and how the MCU strengthens the neck more effectively than any other method. Clients identify their personal and functional goals, like playing their favorite sport again, picking up their grandchildren, or simply living pain-free.

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Breaking the Mold in Chiropractic Treatment

According to Dr. Weinberg, most chiropractic treatment follows this model: First, relieve the pain. Second, correct the problem. Third, strengthen the muscles.

The problem is that many patients drop off after the first or second phase. Once they get short-term relief, they don’t come back to complete treatment. Meanwhile, the underlying issue persists, and the symptoms eventually return, or worsen.

But with the MCU, treatment starts with neck strengthening. An initial evaluation identifies any deficits in strength and range of motion. Treatment begins with the lowest recommended pulley weight, exercising the neck in 16 directions. Detailed reports show (shown below) patient progresses between sessions and provide objective data for evidence-based clinical decisions.



Growing a Referral Network

Beyond client success, the MCU is a hit with Dr. Weinberg’s referrals. Because objective neck strengthening is a relatively rare practice, he has the opportunity to educate potential referrers. Instead of simply notifying them about his practice, Dr. Weinberg actually teaches the unique value of neck strengthening with the MCU.

When it comes to attracting new referrals, Dr. Weinberg sticks to the facts. Clinical research indicates strengthening as a key component of rehab. Surprisingly, many traditional neck programs use techniques like shoulder exercises, elastic bands, massage, ultrasound, and others that do not directly address neck strength. These techniques are nowhere near the MCU’s evidence-based strengthening capabilities.

“The MCU makes you stand out because it’s evidence-based, it’s not someone’s opinion. Everything has to be strengthened, and the MCU is the technology you need to strengthen the neck,” he says.

A bevy of clinical research on neck strengthening and the MCU’s evidence-based outcomes present a strong case to fellow practitioners. That, combined with Dr. Weinberg’s personal injury story and absolute confidence in the treatment, converts potential referrers into a steady stream of clients.

Personal Injury Story

Long before Dr. Weinberg’s clinical and business success with the MCU, he experienced it as a neck patient himself. Several years ago, Dr. Weinberg endured an injury to his cervical spine. He was attending a Miami Dolphins game when someone threw a 20-oz water bottle from the top deck seating. Pitched from a towering height, the bottle smacked the back of Dr. Weinberg’s neck.

He says it felt like someone smashed his neck with a baseball bat. With two torn ligaments in the cervical spine, Dr. Weinberg found himself on the other side of neck rehabilitation.

Like many neck trauma patients, he made the rounds between doctors, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. For months he found no relief.  One physiatrist recommended to stop all other treatment and wear a post-surgical neck brace 24/7.  As a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Weinberg couldn’t fathom treating his patients with the brace, especially using methods that had not worked for himself.

Finding Evidence-based Treatment

So, he turned to the research. He searched for evidence-based neck treatment with clinical data to back it up. That’s when he found the MCU.

“The MCU changed my life, and we’ve changed hundreds and hundreds of patients’ lives with the MCU.”

Finally, an evidence-based therapeutic practice that precisely identifies deficits and directly addresses the root cause. All with objective measurement and graphed progress data to support treatment. For the first time, a neck treatment program starts with muscular strengthening to relieve pain.

Demonstrating the Value of Treatment

Since then, his neck treatment program has drawn countless patients to his clinic. He says the key to standing out in today’s healthcare market is helping clients believe in the value of your treatment. Dr. Weinberg’s practice rises above by clearly demonstrating the value of evidence-based, objective MCU treatment.

A testament to that value, many clients pay cash for MCU treatment every day. His cash-pay clients complete the full program, willing to pay more out of pocket to get lasting relief from neck pain.

Dr. Weinberg’s “well bell”

Another way Dr. Weinberg gains client’s confidence and belief is by showing success stories. Hence the clinic’s “well bell,” a resounding celebration of patient success. Every time a patient meets their healthcare goal, they ring the bell in recognition. This simple act is sometimes the social proof other clients need to start their own MCU sessions.

The Bottom Line

As a long-time user of the MCU, Dr. Weinberg confirms it is absolutely a worthwhile investment for practice owners. He says, “The MCU is a game changer for you, your clients, and your practice.”

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More About Dr. Weinberg

Dr. Weinberg has been treating patients with advanced chiropractic care for nearly 30 years. He takes a proactive approach to helping patients prevent and overcome chronic conditions. Among his medically integrated techniques, he is certified to perform manipulation under anesthesia by the National University of Health Sciences. Additionally, he has completed extensive training in spinal decompression and other techniques for treating the neck and back.

His practice, Active Health in North Palm Beach, Florida, provides medically integrated care for back pain, joint pain, migraines, neuropathy, and several other conditions. The team includes Chiropractors, Physicians, and Physical Therapists working together to help people overcome chronic pain and live healthy lives.


Colleen Isaiah
TherapySpark Editor