Business Outcomes

Set Your Clinic Apart.

Nothing makes a statement about your commitment to delivering the utmost in patient care like a BTE. From the United States to Australia to the United Arab Emirates – nothing sets you apart from the competition and plants a bold flag of excellence like upgrading your clinic to BTE.

Get your patients hooked on rehab. At your clinic.

Patient retention is critical to your clinic’s success in today’s occupational and therapy market. You’re not just competing against the local clinic, you’re competing against rising copays and patient attrition over time. Enter BTE. Offering your patients unique, interactive rehabilitation gets them hooked on rehabilitation, completing their full therapy prescription and not dropping off over time. Differentiate your clinic from competition with BTE.

Drive referrals to your clinic

Doctors, Employers, and Insurers all want the same two things from your clinic 1. Objective evaluation of a patient or employee’s functional capabilities. To give them accurate, measurable baselines and decision-support on disability, employee placement, and benefits. And 2. Objective measurement of actual progress and improvement toward treatment goals – to justify continued treatment and reimbursement, paying off in return to work, function, and sport. BTE gives you both – with functional equipment, outputting pristine, accurate reporting to eliminate any grey area.

Attract top therapeutic talent

You can’t run a top tier clinic without top tier professionals. Send a strong message to the industry. A clinic that invests in BTE cares about its patients, cares about it outcomes, and doesn’t settle for less. And it cares about its therapists – supporting them with the finest tools of the trade to ease their hands-on heavy lifting, while allowing them to focus on what they went to school for – using their astute minds and therapeutic judgement to help patients get better. made possible by the invaluable support of BTE objectivity in evaluation and rehabilitative progress tracking.

Increase clinic efficiency

It’s no secret. Today’s clinics are being squeezed tighter and tighter by decreased reimbursement and higher patient volume requirements to meet business needs. Your feel it as an administrator. Your therapists feel it. And so do your patients. Strike a blow for quality of care without sacrificing valuable therapist time by adding a BTE to your clinic. You’ll be amazed at the impact it will have in increasing your patient volume flow and therapist efficiency.

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