MCU Multi-Cervical Unit

Pinpoint Weakness and Asymmetry. And Abolish Neck Pain for Good.

The BTE MCU Multi-Cervical Unit is the most effective and complete system for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from neck pain, whiplash associated disorders (WAD), and general cervical spine disorders. The MCU is an unmatched, research-backed tool that empowers physical therapists and chiropractors alike to objectively evaluate, strengthen, and restore the ailing neck and cervical spine.

  • It’s Not Magic. It’s Science.

    Unlock the Key to Chronic Neck Pain Relief

    BTE advanced MCU technology guides you through objective evidence-based evaluation and treatment with an easy to follow validated protocol.

  • It’s Not Magic. It’s Science.

    Enhance Your Practice

    Record real-time cervical spine movement and isometric strength in all three planes of motion. Eliminate the subjectivity and guesswork of manual testing. Changing the game for patients, clinicians, and insurers.

  • It’s Not Magic. It’s Science.

    Diagnose and Rebuild the Neck

    Restore the musculature of the neck and reduce neck pain with the MCU dynamic strengthening protocol. Complementing manual therapy with objectivity to drive the progression of cervical spine rehab.

  • It’s Not Magic. It’s Science.

    Visual Progress Tracking

    Unique graphical and narrative reporting demonstrates Range of Motion and Strength improvement and progression over treatment. Getting patients motivated to complete their treatment and keeping insurers and payers satisfied.

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