TherapySpark's Best of 2022

From documentation and reimbursement to fun anatomy quizzes and more, enjoy 2022's best of TherapySpark below.

This has been a big year for BTE. We redesigned our website for a completely reimagined experience, and new featured content for Clinic Owners, Patients, Researchers, and more. As you can already see, TherapySpark got an all-new look and feel, too.

Below you will find this year’s most popular content on TherapySpark, according to you, our readers. From documentation and reimbursement to fun anatomy quizzes and more, enjoy 2022’s best of TherapySpark below.

3 Most Common CPTs in Rehab and How to Document Them for Reimbursement

If your claims repeatedly get denied, there are two most likely culprits: the CPT code itself and the documentation. It’s possible that the claim uses the incorrect code, or more likely, the documentation may be missing something.

Read this article for a closer look at the three most common CPT codes in rehab and how to properly document them for reimbursement. Keep reading for a detailed summary of CPT 97110: Therapeutic Procedure, CPT 97112: Therapeutic Procedure (stroke and non-stroke), and CPT 97530: Therapeutic Activities.

Rotator Cuff Evaluation: Standardized Tests, Strength, ROM, and Questionnaires

An effective rotator cuff evaluation incorporates subjective patient observations and documents objective, measurable data. Let’s review some of the many parts of a rotator cuff evaluation, including the patient history, standardized assessments, a differential diagnosis, and tests for strength and range of motion. Read the article here.

Quiz: Upper Extremity Anatomy

Can you hand-le this quiz on upper extremity anatomy? Let’s find out! Learning anatomy is often the first step to a career in rehab or fitness. Try your hand with this upper extremity anatomy quiz.

Quiz: Lower Extremity Anatomy

Wow, you all really love quizzes! A second anatomy quiz made the list. Are you hip to the lower extremities? Test your knowledge with this lower extremity anatomy quiz.

Treating Parkinson’s Disease with LSVT

The Lee Silverman Voice Technique focuses on big amplitude of movement to compensate for the hypokinesia associated with PD. All exercises are performed with the largest possible motion. This high-intensity exercise helps improve neuroplasticity of movement. Read more about this unique approach to Parkinson’s treatment here.

All About the Sesamoids: Patellar Tendonitis and More

If you’ve treated patients with patellar tendonitis, then you know the sesamoids in the knee. The smaller sesamoid bones of the hand and feet play a big role in other conditions, but they’re often overlooked. Let’s explore the anatomy, function, and rehab techniques for sesamoid bones.

Exercise Guidelines for Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative treatment gaining popularity in orthopedic recovery. Working with PRP patients in rehab requires specific exercise guidelines, which we’ll cover in this article.

Don’t Just Manage Neck Pain. Fix it for Good

Our latest e-book is all about treating neck pain for long-term relief. In this e-book, you’ll get:

  • Case Studies: Hear directly from Chiropractic clinic owners and practitioners about their clinical and business outcomes
  • Patient Stories: Real, life-changing experiences from patients themselves who have finally found relief
  • Research: Evidence-based practice for neck conditions

What a year!

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