Upgrade Your MCU Experience! Faster, Better, more Powerful Neck Evaluation and Rehab

Upgrade your MCU Multi-Cervical Unit today with BTE’s new completely reimagined software. Give your clients superior neck / cervical spine evaluation and rehabilitation. Your workflow is easier, quicker, and more flexible with features recommended by customers like you. With streamlined reports, custom protocols, and new data capabilities, this upgrade is an all new MCU experience for you and your clients.

Custom evaluations with easy set up

Starting an evaluation is easy with the new MCU software. Choose tests from the list or create your own. You can change the angle of each test and put them in any order to create an evaluation that’s specific to each patient and your clinical needs. Monitor patient performance in real time.

Quicker, personalized treatment sessions

After a detailed evaluation, your treatment decision making becomes easier. You can objectively customize an exercise program using the saved evaluation data.

With this added flexibility, the new MCU software gives your clients a personalized experience. Customize exercises for each client based on their needs. Your clients will appreciate receiving this personalized treatment they can’t get anywhere else.

Streamlined session reports

The session report is easy to understand and share with clients and other providers. The new radar graphs are unlike any other diagnostic tool available. You and your clients can quickly understand where they need to make improvements in both strength and range of motion.

New data comparison capabilities

We’ve enhanced the comparative data feature to allow you to compare results based on existing or future research. You can compare individual results with either normative or comparative data sets.

To take it a step further, you can create your own comparative data set. This will let you analyze data that’s specific to your population, all within the new MCU software.

Easy to read progress reports with fast export, EMR integration

The new reports make it easy to compare multiple sessions and show improvements in work output. The easy to read charts and graphs have all the information you need to show how the patient has gained strength and range of motion.

Your upgraded software comes with a new control module that allows you to seamlessly transfer reports to your EMR with a secure network connection.

Now you can quickly filter and export data for further analysis and research.

Get the all new MCU software experience

This completely reimagined interface and new features will make your workflow smoother and give your clients a better experience they can’t get anywhere else. Start getting more out of your MCU – contact us to upgrade today.