Presenting EVJ - Portable Evaluations Made Easier with Objective Data

EVJ gives you the power to perform objective
mobile strength and range of motion testing
quickly and easily, with powerful data export
for analysis. All in an unprecedented portable,
scalable evaluation system.

BTE Rehabilitation Equipment

Interactive systems to evaluate and treat your clients. For a more advanced, engaging, and effective rehabilitation experience.

We’re putting a new spin on the two best techniques for tendinopathies – Continuous Passive Motion and eccentric exercise – by adding Target Force. Give your patients a rehab experience they can’t get anywhere else with the PrimusRS.

CPM with Target Force and Eccentrics on the PrimusRS

Eccentric physical therapy can significantly benefit respiratory patients during their hospital stays and post discharge. This is especially relevant now, as the APTA, AOTA, and other associations call on therapists to develop treatment strategies for COVID-19 patents.

Eccentric Physical Therapy for Cardiorespiratory / COVID-19 Patient Recovery
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We work together with you to pinpoint your clinic’s challenges & opportunities for growth

Discover new ways to improve client & patient outcomes to help you achieve your clinical & business goals for the future.


We match you with your ideal BTE, for your specific needs and goals

Whether you work with geriatrics, high-performance athletes, general rehab, or a combination – we have you covered. Today and into the future. All fully customized by the industry’s experts to fit your unique needs.


We deliver your best outcomes and ROI

BTE Rehabilitation Equipment makes your clinic more marketable & generates positive patient engagement & outcomes. Gain referrals and great word of mouth. Get the best testing, analysis, and decision support – with zero guesswork.

NFL Rookie of the Year Todd Gurley's ACL Recovery with BTE

NFL running back, Todd Gurley, & University of Georgia's Director of Sports Medicine, Ron Courson, share their experience with Eccentron.

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With a lineup that features solutions for evaluation, rehabilitation, and conditioning, BTE’s Rehabilitation Equipment provides you with superior technology and processes - enabling you to optimize patient and clinic results. Our systems achieve this by objective measurement and documentation of assessment, treatment, and outcomes, supporting decision-making throughout the continuum of care.

“Patients love the interactive game experience, and are motivated by their visible progress to keep coming back for more sessions, getting stronger and returning to function”

Scott Romanowski, PT, OCS, OMPT
Director of Rehabilitation

Case Study
“Some of the best results are the comments from the patients. Things like how they are looking forward to going hiking that weekend or even skiing, or just how nice it is to walk down the stairs without pain.”

Michael Bade, PT, DPT, Ph.D., OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT
Assistant Professor of the School of Physical Therapy

Case Study
“I received a call from an orthopedic surgeon after a three-week post-op visit on a 44-year-old patient following bilateral total knee replacements. He said, ‘My patient has full range of motion and a normal gait pattern. What are you doing out there?' I told him 'It's my BTE Eccentron.’”

Marla Tappy, PT
Owner and Director of Rehabilitation

“We have used BTE Eccentron with a variety of different athletes, and we have had outstanding results.”

Ron Courson ATC, PT, NREMT-I, CSCS
Director of Sports Medicine

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Staying Connected Through COVID-19

BTE has been with you for 41 years, supporting the global therapy community in our shared mission of creating better clinical outcomes for patients. Over that time we have faced different challenges in the healthcare field together. Today, we recognize the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, both at work and at home.

In response to COVID-19, we have made all arrangements to continue serving our community while ensuring the safety of our employees and customers. Our Customer Support team is ready during our regular business hours to answer your calls and emails and provide live video training.

Live Video Training - Take Advantage Today!

We strongly encourage all BTE users to take advantage of our live video training one-on-one with our instructors. Schedule a refresher session today so you can bring new treatment methods to your patients when they return. Some of you have already taken advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills or even explore demonstrations on different BTE systems.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or requests. For Customer Support, call toll free 800.331.8845 or email service@btetechnologies.com. To schedule a live video or voice session, call 800.331.8845 or email Cheryl Warner at cwarner@btetechnologies.com. We are available Monday-Friday 8:30AM – 7PM EDT.

EVJ Scalable Mobile Evaluation System - Watch Now
Presenting EVJ - The New Scalable Mobile Evaluation System - Watch Now

Stay connected with BTE for ongoing rehab news and resources on social media and with TherapySpark, our weekly blog by and for rehab professionals like you. We are hard at work producing new video TherapySpark content for you in this trying time. So we invite you to check out our latest educational treatment guidelines specifically developed for your COVID-19 patient needs, now available in easy to navigate video format:

CPM with Target Force and Eccentrics on the BTE PrimusRS
CPM with Target Force and Eccentrics on the BTE PrimusRS

COVID-19 Rehab: Eccentric Balance and Walking Exercises with BTE PrimusRS

COVID-19 Rehab: Sit to Stand for Deconditioned Patients with BTE PrimusRS
COVID-19 Rehab: Sit to Stand for Deconditioned Patients with BTE PrimusRS

Eccentric Physical Therapy for Cardiorespiratory COVID-19 Patient Recovery.

Be well, be safe, and know that we stand with you in this difficult time.

John Shano
Chief Executive Officer

Charles Wetherington
President and Chief Operating Officer