Advanced Worker Rehab

Advanced Worker Rehab is a single, unique program that integrates clinical expertise, innovative Primus task-specific rehab, and hyper-local, targeted marketing.


Drive additional visits and revenue. Provide uniquely valuable services for local employers and attract additional patients.


Help your injured workers build strength and then recover fully with treatment that is based on simulating critical, integrated tasks from their actual jobs.


Get customized training and treatment specific to your job, reducing your risk for injury and expediting return to work.


The Market Need

Retaining employees and promoting wellness in the workplace has never been more important. Advanced Worker Rehab is a total solution for the physical health of employees. With low unemployment and high labor force participation rates, employers have become acutely aware of the value of their employees. To accomplish this, they need objective task analysis, task simulation, and ergonomic training for safe and effective performance of job tasks.


Brand Enhancement and Increased Revenue

Advanced Worker Rehab is a unique approach to prevention, recovery and return to work. It's a powerful differentiator and revenue driver for any clinic. Enabling clinics to drive their brand development, leveraging local employers’ rehab needs.


Here's How

Advanced Worker Rehab is a training and marketing solution. This comprehensive program fully enables a rehabilitation clinic to meet the prevention, recovery, and return to work needs of employers in their locality. It also provides the marketing support necessary to create those relationships. Only available with the purchase of BTE’s PrimusRS.