Scalable, Mobile Evaluation System

The EVJ gives you the power to perform mobile objective strength and range of motion testing, quickly and easily. In an unprecedented portable, scalable evaluation system


Hand Grip Package

EVJ Hand Grip Package comes complete with BTE software, hardware, heart rate monitoring, and a control unit to get you started right out of the box. With its rapid sampling rate and blistering fast Bluetooth data transfer, this is the best and last hand grip your clinic will ever need.


Strength Package

EVJ Strength Package extends your capabilities to virtually any upper or lower extremity muscle strength testing. With the bidirectional Portable Load Cell and attachments, you can test both isolated muscle groups and functional capabilities like push and pull in any direction. Meanwhile, the precise Pinch Gauge gives you the ability to accurately measure strength in fine finger movements.


Range of Motion Package

EVJ Range of Motion Package captures precise, objective data every time. The state-of-the-art Dual Inclinometer system allows for fast, accurate capture of a multitude of movements – from lumbar to cervical. The BTE Goniometer is ideal for measuring range in both upper and lower extremities.

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  • High-precision strength and ROM evaluation, anywhere you go

    Evaluation, The Way You Need It

    Today's clinicians need to perform evaluations both in the clinic and offsite. And the data must be objective and comparable anywhere they go. The EVJ's portable design and high-precision data capturing makes that all possible.

  • High-precision strength and ROM evaluation, anywhere you go

    Objective Measurement for Better Data

    The EVJ is a fully portable and modular testing platform. Its streamlined hardware and software integration saves you time and ensures that your data is precise – from one testing site to another.

  • High-precision strength and ROM evaluation, anywhere you go

    Customize Your Evaluation Toolkit

    The EVJ makes the world of high-precision evaluation and data collection more affordable than ever. With three specialized packages to choose from, clinicians can build the ideal testing system based on their specific needs.

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