BTE Introduces Research Services for Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

How Good is Your Data?

The clinical drug development and research industry is built on the ability to accurately and reliably collect and analyze data. Collecting clean, complete, and accurate data – from site to site – makes or breaks your clinical trial. Too often, manual muscle testing yields subjective interpretation and introduces inconsistencies that lead to unreliable outcomes and conclusions. This costs sponsors time and money.

partner-with-bte-for-the-best-qmt-for-clinical-trialsTrust the Experts at BTE

At BTE, we understand the importance of high quality, reliable data. For 35 years, we have pioneered solutions for objective, accurate muscle strength measurement. Our innovative hardware and software engineered with ISO 9001 and 13845 certified processes is specifically designed to help sponsors ensure industry-leading clinical expertise in Quantitative Muscle Testing.

Partner with BTE, and have confidence in your QMT – backed by the most advanced, objective decision support system in the industry.

“Rising demand for quantitative muscle testing from the pharmaceutical industry and academia has driven us to establish a dedicated Research Services group. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of success in the research space, providing unrivaled objective data collection and reporting solutions for our clients. Now, with the experience of seven global clinical trials in over 20 countries, we have decided the timing is right to formally launch BTE Research Services,” – Charles Wetherington, President of BTE.

To learn more about BTE’s Research Services, read the full press release:

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