Set new goals for your clinic this year

New Year, New Clinic Goals

If there has ever been something you wanted to change or improve in your clinic, now is the time to take action and achieve your clinic's goals. For some inspiration, here are a few ways you can expand your offerings in the new year.

Finally, 2020 is in the past. We’re all too aware of the challenges it brought, so I would like to shed light on a more positive aspect – everything we learned. We all learned to adapt to changes, exercise patience, and find ways to stay connected and healthy during the pandemic. For this new year, I encourage you to reflect on what 2020 taught you and put that into action in your clinic.

For example, something we could all do in this new year is evaluate the selection of services we offer. Are they still the best services for your patient population, or are any services out of date? Do you offer a unique and personalized patient experience, or do most clients complete the same routine? How are your referral sources finding you?

If there has ever been something you wanted to change or improve in your clinic, now is the time to take action and achieve your clinic’s goals. For some inspiration, here are a few ways you can expand your offerings in the new year.

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Work Injury Rehabilitation

Getting injured employees back to work as safely and quickly as possible is a major priority for many employers. Most established organizations with labor-intensive roles will have a selected local rehab provider that handles all of their employee cases, from pre-employment evaluation to return to work rehab.

A work rehab program can be a great expansion for clinics in the right location. For example, areas with large industrial employers, hospitals, schools and universities, or other physically demanding jobs need reliable work rehab providers.

Hospital systems have workers in multiple departments who can sustain injuries related to patient handling, especially nurses. And, school staff are regularly climbing, kneeling, squatting, and doing other physical activities that increase their injury risk.
A work rehab program usually includes pre-employment screening that is based on a physical demands analysis of the job site. It also includes working with any employees who get injured on the job. These services can create revenue and can increase referrals from case managers, physicians and lawyers.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluations, or FCEs, are specialized assessments that are used to determine whether an individual can return to their pre-injury job or sport. Because FCEs are so specialized, they become quite hard to find in some rural and suburban areas. In some places, clients will drive great distances to have an FCE performed. Clinics in these areas have a huge business opportunity to add this service to their offerings.

With our firm belief in objectivity and precision in measurement, BTE has several resources to jump start your clinic’s FCE program. If you’re looking for an easy way to get started, check out our newest product, the EVJ. The EVJ is a portable, high-precision tool for measuring strength and ROM in both the upper and lower extremities and spine. Watch this video to learn more!


Another option for FCEs is our EvalTech. The EvalTech is our most comprehensive evaluation system, capable of documenting thousands of functional activities. With the EvalTech, your reports are completely objective, data-backed, and legally defensible. You will be able to offer the most reliable FCEs as well as Post-Offer Employment Testing, disability / impairment determination, and return to work testing for both small- and large-scale employers in your area.


Fall Prevention Program

A fall prevention program is a very popular and helpful service for communities with a large older population. These programs tend to emphasize eccentric strengthening and balance, as this combination is key to safely building strength and stability. Eccentric exercise allows for higher loading with minimal perceived effort from the client. And, as we all know, loss of balance is one of the most crucial fall risks to address in the elderly.

In the winter, there is a significant number of people flocking south to the warmer region of the country. Many of these southern clinics cater towards the older population by offering specialized fall prevention programs.

Adding a seasonal or a year-round fall prevention program can increase clinic revenue and provide a service your community needs. I have seen clinics offer it as a group activity or a cash-pay program for greater flexibility. The choice is yours!

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) or Cervical Spine Program

Back and neck pain are some of the most common complaints today. Motor vehicle accidents and other injuries to the spine and neck can cause serious pain and loss of function. If you’ve ever seen clients with these symptoms, you know what a toll they can take on the body. People with pain in the neck or back are eager to get long-term relief. They will likely complete their plan of care with full compliance. They want to get back to a pain free life and you can be that solution!

Many rehab practitioners and clinics shy away from working with the spine and neck. Injuries with acute or chronic pain can be complex and lengthy in their scope and need. But with the right tools, you can safely and effectively treat neck pain in an outpatient clinic. In many cases, the solution is addressing neck strength symmetry and deficits. Check out our recent webinar about strengthening the neck as a way to provide long-term relief to neck and spine clients.

If neck and spine rehab is a good fit for your clinic goals, BTE has the best technology to make that happen. The  Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) offers objective measurement of the full range of motion and strength of the neck, an array of evidence-based exercises, and easy-to-read progress reports. Learn more about what the MCU can do for your clients here.

Sports Medicine

Evaluation and treatment of sports injuries is a big business! Countless practitioners and clinics specialize only in working with athletic clients, and there is room for more. Despite all the recent changes to live sporting events, the need to train and recover efficiently and quickly is greater than ever. The timeframe for return to play has little room for setbacks or for non-objective communication about goals and progress.

Some clinics specialize in offering programs catered towards golf, baseball, or other sports. These programs utilize specific techniques along with evidence-based therapeutic practices to deliver results. And, as a movement expert you are just the right person to work with these specialties. If your area has schools with competitive sports programs or even minor to major league teams, now is the time to look at offering one of these specialty sports services to your market.

Almost everyone who’s worked in sports training or recovery has treated an ACL injury. Now, you can discover how professional teams get players back on the field quickly and safely with our e-book, ACL Recovery Unlocked with Eccentric Strengthening and Motor Control. You’ll get the latest EMG research, case studies, and tips from Ron Courson, UGA Director of Sports Medicine, and more. Download your copy today!

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Looking Ahead to 2021

None of us ever could have expected 2020 to pan out the way it did. Will the world immediately return to what it was before Covid-19? Doubtful… but, we are in control of making our new normal the best that it can be for ourselves, our clinic, and our clients. Offering something new, exciting, and innovative can refresh you and your clinical staff. These new services can also bring in new clients and additional referral sources.

BTE is here to help your business and your clients get the best possible outcomes. We want you to be efficient, productive, and successful. This is the time of year to set yourself apart and plan for the future. For more helpful resources, check out the clinic management category of TherapySpark.

Jeffrey Johnson, MA, ATC
Clinical Specialist, BTE